Panna traditionally known for its diamond mines is where the Panna National Park, one of India's biggest wildlife sanctuaries being 546 sq. km. in area, was created in 1981 and declared a Project Tiger Reserve by the Government of India in 1994. Situated in the Vindhyan Range it is graced with some of India's most beautiful wildlife such as sambhar, leopards, bears and nilgai among others. Panna is beautifully calm and serene with roll-on meadows dotted with evergreen trees, rocks, hills, forests. It must be noted that unlike Bandhavgarh which is about 5 hr drive, Panna is less than an hour drive from Khajuraho. You can plan your stay at Panna Sanctuary and easily do day return trip to see the Temples of Khajuraho (A World Heritage Site)
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